Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Charley and His Birthday Cookie

Well it's actually here...Charley's first birthday. A year ago right now I was in my tub having some major contractions, only two hours away from having a baby boy. What a blessing he has been. I can't remember life without Charley!

Our big celebration will be on Saturday but I thought he needed a little something sweet so we whipped up a few cookies. They were a little underdone, so perfect for smushing around. It was just the three of us tonight, pretty low key celebration.

Charley and His Birthday Cookie from Laura Sargent Bennington on Vimeo.

We bought frozen Otis Spunkmeyer dough when Tessa's dance school was selling it and it has come in mighty handy around the holidays!...and that doesn't even count the vast quantities my husband ate while it was still frozen (okay I might have had a bit too)

The last five Otis cookies and I didn't have a single one. I started a new weight loss/life program at a local church called "total fit life"....more on that another time, but the first 10 days are 'bootcamp' so no sugar, caffeine, alcohol, white rice or flour. Saturday I plan to have some sugar free ice cream at the party.

He finally got into it but was a little too tired to go bananas

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BrookZ said...

Happy Birthday Charley!