Sunday, January 24, 2010

Old but Well Manicured

Prior to last month, I can count the number of times I've had painted fingernails on one gnarly unkempt hand....prom, my wedding (with acrylics tips!), and a couple of Christmases ago when I was trying to be fancy but ended up picking it all of before the actual holiday arrived.

I never saw the point. It comes off in like two days, why go to the trouble? Painted toes are a must during sandal season (and any good husband worth his salt will paint your toenails when you're pregnant), but I just never painted my fingernails.

Well what everyone else apparently knew but I never caught on to is that there is something called nail laquer which is different from nail polish, the most famous brand being o.p.i. This stuff goes on smooth and lasts for a whole WEEK before it chips off. It's amazing. It has opened up a whole world of delights I've never known.

I am now the proud owner of four bottles of o.p.i., and actually found myself getting excited when I was mall walking with Erin the other day and saw that o.p.i. had release their new line of laquers based on the Alice in Wonderland movie. I HAD to see them!

Here's my theory. While you all know I love my mary kay makeup and aerosol hairspray, there are many days around here where I look like crap. We're sick, I'm cleaning, I have no intentions to go anywhere...whatever.

If per chance the Schwan's man drops by and finds me looking like this... least I will have a nice manicure. Maintaining a nice manicure (especially if done with some trendy color that all the cool kids are wearing) conveys the idea that I am put together...and that sometimes is better than nothing!
Why my husband had to do this while I was taking a picture, I have no idea. That's what he does.

While I am officially a grown up now that I am almost 30 and maintaining manicured hands, there are also some signs that I am took quickly turning into an old lady.

1- I break out into a sweat easily. It's a hormonal thing that has happened since I've had Charley. I get hot flashes. I will be very hot and then cold 10 minutes later. Within that time though my hair will get all wet (like in the picture above) and it's just gross. I'm hoping that when (or if) my monthly visitor ever returns I will STOP SWEATING!

2- I called my Mary Kay consultant (and good friend Traci) when I found some wrinkles under my eyes, and am now the proud owner of my first bottle of under eye wrinkle cream. Not only do I own it, but I now swear by it....wrinkle cream is my friend.

3- While riding home from Erin's baby shower today a piece of my tooth totally just broke off and landed in my chewing gum. It's didn't hurt or anything, it just fell right off. It's a pretty small piece so hopefully it's reparable but still, I can only think that random hunks of tooth falling off must be a sign of old age.


Stephany said...

Oh Laura, you're not Old I promise! 30 is fine... no worries! we're growing old gracefully. :)

Anonymous said...

hey, if you didn't feel the tooth break, it may be dead. That is a one way ticket to a root canal. :)
have it checked out...

Anonymous said...

hey, I'm pretty sure you already had some OPI, I gave it to you when I made your toes all pretty when you were pregnant with Charley. Becky