Friday, January 15, 2010

A Day in the Life

I've been slacking on taking pictures of Charley lately (could this be the second child syndrome?) so I decided to capture a day in his life and all this things he does. Narrated by the stud himself...

I start my day with some Mommy milk followed by breakfast. Today I had cereal, grapes and pureed pumpkin. I love feeding things to the dogs, it's so funny. They love me too. See Hayden cleaning up my chair?

After breakfast I played with my awesome toys and my sister. I make her laugh.

Today she went to preschool and I missed her while she was gone. I'm always happier when she's home with me.

Mommy usually cleans the house when Tessa is gone but today she decided instead to watch a movie, so I got to eat lunch in my walker.I hate this thing, but hunks of bread make me happy.

I dirtied many diapers. I love finding my boy parts every time Mommy changes my diaper, and especially during baths.
Hey, where'd my boy parts go??

This is me descretely telling Mommy I want to nurse by banging my head against her chest.

She makes me happy
I also brushed up on my reading a little

Since Tessa took a late nap after preschool, I got to help wake her up!

Big bed are cool! (and tasty)

These are the ladies in my life

I had mashed potatoes with my dinner but wanted to feed them to myself. I'm a big guy you know, I don't need to be spoon fed!

Tessa helped me a little too

After dinner we got in the car to go to small group. I HATE the carseat and I had this stocking cap. Where's my stud hat?

Seeeing my sister in the car made me happier though

These are my friends the Chandlers, they LOVE me. They like to dress me and carry me around and play toys with me. They're pretty cool. I played with them while the grownups talked about grownup things.

Past my bedtime, I drifted off the backseat. Thursdays I get to stay up late until 8:30 because of small group. Party on!

Yes our nighttime diapers are all bubble gum pink. That's what happens when you have your sister's hand me downs. Please don't tell anyone.
Where'd my boy parts go again??

I made up for the pink diapers with my cool cammo pjs. You can't see me can you?

My favorite thing to do at the end of the day. I think Mommy did a good job of taking a discrete picture here.

I love to snuggle when I sleep, but Mommy carried me off to my crib. What a nice day.

Hey what was that flash of light?


phasejumper said...

Nice "day in the life"! I won't tell your kid about his pink diapers, if you won't tell my kid about his pink Easter bunny suit! Hey, I was wondering if you had any tips for me on making my own baby food? Containers to use etc?

kristen sisson said...

cute blog!

sbswtp said...

oh my gosh! How cute is he? Your blog is fantastic :) And the pictures are great!

Eva said...

I think Charley does more than I do in one day-that kid is busy!