Sunday, January 31, 2010

Charley's Birthday Party

We had a great time yesterday celebrating our little guy. Given our artic temperatures and the blizzard that occured last year when he was born...we went with an Arctic theme. There were penguins, snowmen and personalized paper snowflakes made by Becky.

Not do be outdone, Jeremy made a baked Alaska in the shape of an igloo for us all to eat, while Charley had his own little penguin cake thanks to Erin. I ate neither although I did like my fair share of icing while cleaning up.

Charley got several trucks and cool boy toys, which we don't really have any of yet. Our house still looks like it exploded, but that's the sign of a successful party I think.

Thanks to all, enjoy some pics!

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phasejumper said...

Loved Charlies scarf and sweater! The paper snowflake Becky made was AMAZING!! That baked Alaska looked soooo good, too!