Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Midnight Drama

Tessa was having a tough time sleeping last night, something we normally don't have to deal with. I'm known as the 'sleep nazi' around these parts so I usually ignore fussiness in the night unless someone is really having a hard time (like last week when Charley kept coughing and waking himself over and over, poor guy). In times of need I show sympathy. In times of defiance, I simply roll over.

Well Tessa woke over and over between 10pm and midnight and I could hear her through the wall saying 'no no no!' or what sometimes sounded like 'elmo elmo!'. I couldn't figure out what her problem was, she was comfortably in her bed. Perhaps a bad dream?

My favorite part was when Jer rolled over and said..'.what's her problem, she's woken up two times now?' TWO times?!....haha, this he says after I returned from my seventh trip to her room, but who's counting.

The next time I went in I figured it out. She was clawing at her stomach and saying 'no tummy, no tummy'. This girl, who is obsessed with rubbing her tummy while she sleeps, could not access it because she was wearing full body footy pajamas and THAT was what was keeping her awake. So you guessed it at about 12:15 last night we changed her into her normal two peice pjs. She grabbed her tummy, rolled over and slept soundly through the night.

She doesn't wear those full body ones very often (she only has two) but I wonder if this has disturbed her sleep before and I simply didn't realize it. Note to self, Tessa NEEDS her tummy.

A long time habit- Tessa napping on Mamaw's couch at 17 months old


Cindy said...

OMG! Guess you had better stick with the 2 piece pj's from now on. Glad Jeremy had your back. LOL!

Stephany said...

Don't take away my tummy mama ever again!!

phasejumper said...

Men! Eric can fall asleep in a MILLISECOND and is completely deaf from the hours of 11pm to 7:45am. It is more trouble for me to wake him up to "take a turn" than it is for me just to do it myself!