Sunday, January 24, 2010


Tessa is actually old enough for board games. It seems crazy but true. I bought candyland the other day at Target and she LOOOOOVES it. It's helping her to learning her colors and taking turns and following instructions. It's alot of fun to see her get into it. I also got Memory and some puzzles but we haven't cracked into those yet.

Charley is learning to walk and even though he hates it, I'm trying to stick him in the walker more for practice. If there's food there he'll tolerate it, otherwise no. He call walk sideways along furniture and will walk if you hold both his hands. I give him less than a month before he's off.

We're learning to cope with our Lost withdrawal by being social instead. We had never watched Lost and started in October with Season 1 on demand. After 'dates' on the couch after kiddo bedtime and many many shared bottles of wine, we are finally done with season 5 and will be caught up to the real show when it premieres it's last season in February.

We finished on Friday night and on Saturday night got a surprise visitor in the form of Becky. She was hoping to play games and drinks wine, which we are always happy to oblige to! I stayed up way past my bedtime but it was well worth it.

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