Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Day of Preschool 2012

Yesterday the kids had their last day of preschool for the year. And Tessa's last day forever...sniff sniff. Well not really because she will be going two mornings a week this summer for their "summer with a purpose" program. It's pretty darn cool. Part day camp, part VBS, lots of fun.

Anyway, the last day of OFFICIAL preschool is what I mean. They had a circus day and I got to go an volunteer.

According to Tessa this is our future son in law. That's a lot of tattoos for a 5 year old.

If you're wondering why I have no pictures of Charley it's because I had signed up to help Tessa's class. But I spied him in the jumpy castle, see!

Halfway through the day though Jeremy showed up and surprised him by joining his class. Surprised me too. I guess his meeting was cancelled.

There were snow cones!

At the end of the day the kids had their usual worship time but family was invited.

Here are all the classes saying one of their memory verses. Tessa is picking at her band aid instead.

And here they are singing one of my favorite songs. I'm not going to lie, I got a little verklempt even though they are beings so silly. Don't laugh, it was sweet! Good thing Jeremy didn't notice, so I can keep my reputation as the cold hearted lady who never cries.

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