Wednesday, May 02, 2012

My Cookie Project- Mini Chippers

Yesterday the kids wanted a dessert treat and had popsicles. They are a leftover treat from Tessa's birthday when I told her she could choose two special things in the grocery store. She chose Cheetos and these Airhead popsicles that are like half popsicle and half airhead taffy.

They are seriously gross. And I love popsicles. I need a 12 step program for Real Fruit brand lemon popsicles. But these that she chose are seriously gross.

And they have like 546 ingredients. They are not food.

So I thought I should make some cookies. I mean the whole point of my cookie project that I started so many moons ago was to have healthy 'real' treats available for the kids when the deserved or earned them.

So we went back to basics with some mini M&M cookies. I would say these are straight up organic aside from the M&Ms themselves. Organic M&Ms are out there but not within my grasp today.

Organic shortening makes me giggle. I mean's Crisco right?

Tessa trying to get a handle on the hand mixer. That thing is seriously out of control. The lowest setting can send food flying onto the ceiling. But I love it. We've been through alot together.

Desperate times...we were out of baking soda so I broke open this bad boy that I keep near the bag of used cloth diapers (Charley still wears them at night). It worked. I just hope we don't die of urine fume poisoning or something.

I've got to learn to give over a little control. I first told Charley he couldn't scoop cause he'd make a mess, only to discover that he's actually really good at it. Let them try Mommy, let them try.

Okay but he was super slow at it. It added like 12 whole minutes to our baking time.

Ah that's better. Some real food.

Here's the recipe.

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Amanda said...

Ack! Did they taste ok with that soda? We made cookies once with the box we keep in the fridge and had to throw them away they were so gross! (I agree about the 'not food' stuff though -- why do kids always go for that kind of thing!?!)