Sunday, May 27, 2012

Entryway Rennovation

After almost two weeks of being torn apart, our entryway is now functional and beautiful with new tile. Back in 2009, Jeremy and some friends redid our bathroom flooring which remains to this day one of the most dramatic and awesome updates we've made to the house.

Our entryway tile has been broken and needing some help for a while, but I think a few of the tiles shattering was the last straw. So when we hired a guy to come repair the huge hole in the drywall in the ceiling our downstairs bathroom (due to a leaky shower pipe just days after our crawl space flooded. Sheesh!)...he mentioned to Jer that he also did tile and could cut him a package deal.

Since this guy and his compatriots were doing this as a side job that means it took a long time to finish. A couple hours here, a couple hours there...not to mention some unexpected snags like black mold eating up the plywood underneath, that had gotten wet from a leaky door that we replaced years ago. Sheesh.

Oh and the reason for all the broken, cracked and shattered tiles? The backer-board underneath the old tile was a thin kind designed for linoleum floors and not tile.  Can I say sheesh again?

Man we sure are turning this McMansion into dream house if you ask me.

Anyway. I didn't take a before picture but I did some digging and found one. That's baby Tessa!...on the old tile which was glazed white marble.
When glazed white marble meet some moisture from someone's shoes it turns into an ice rink.It makes me think of the sign that Papaw used to have at the farm where the creek crosses over a piece of concrete path.. "Slick Ass Slab". Yes it was a slick ass slab.

So we went with something with more texture and also a rustic look that matches the rest of the house really nicely. I'm just not a shiny and fancy kinda gal, plus it's very similar to the bathroom tile too.

After days of the upheaval of not being able to walk through here and having the contents of our coat closet and such strewn about, it's such a pretty sight to see a finished project. Ah, much better!

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