Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May Lakin'

This weekend we headed up north for a super short trip to the lake. Just Fri-Sun, but still enough time for some fun and relaxation.

After several trips last summer we had planned to go up for a week in October (my favorite time of year at the lake) but somebody had to go and get titanium screws placed in their foot. Crazy clumsy person. Jeremy was this there a few weeks ago for 'opening weekend'...meaning the men of the family meet up there to open up for the season, put in the dock and boat and presumably drink some beer.

But for me it had been too long.

We drove up Friday and the kids were in the lake almost immediately. And by kids I mean Tessa....while Charley stood on the dock and refused to get wet. He's a sissy, it's a fact. But he's MY sissy.

Saturday we went to Gramaw's apartment to visit her.

If you think that an old lady's apartment is a boring place for kids, you'd be wrong. There's a big courtyard with exercise balls to play with...

Unlimited coffee, juice and cookies...

Apparently Teddy and Annie (photography by Charley)....

Mommy's camera...

Walker races!!!


And a pool table....
I joked that we woke up the whole place since it was mid afternoon and possibly nap time. The kids screamed while playing in the courtyard and one old lady came out just to check and make sure somebody wasn't hurt. I don't think they do alot of random screaming there.

After we had woken that whole wing up we woke up the other wing with our walker races and I'm sure the folks who live near the pool table might not have appreciated our joviality either.

That's totally their fault though. I mean they do live right next door to a pool table.

Back at the lake we did the normal lake stuff.
Like rode the NEW boat, slept on the NEW mattresses and enjoyed the NEW fire pit!  Man this place is upgrading all the time.

The fire pit was fun. We moved dinner down there and hung out all evening, cooking burgers and s'mores. Although I got a little tired of saying.....Move back! Don't run! Don't touch! Jeremy stop yelling! Everybody just CALM DOWN! Stuff like that.

Sunday we evening we made the four hour drive home just in time for bed. 

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