Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

We mostly celebrated Mother's Day yesterday and today we hung out and rested, which was gift of it's own.

But yesterday we had a big day. Tessa and I got dressed up. I even wore a dress. Try not to be too shocked.I like the new fad with maxi dresses that touch the ground. So much so I now have two of them.

Jeremy presented me with my present basket. What you're looking at here is a bunch of delicious Zum soaps, some Oolong tea and probiotic capsules. Who needs jewelry when you could have good colon health. Man, they've got my number.

We went out to lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant where we pigged out on sushi. Even picky Charley stuffed his face with California rolls. I was so happy to see him eating fish...another unintentional present.

Then we went to see "Chimpanzee" at the movie theater.. It's one of the documentaries from Disney Earth. It was really good, although Charley got a little bored after a while. Not enough music and flashing lights for his taste. I noted that this was the first time all four of us have seen a movie together (except when we went with Jessie to see the Muppets at Christmas).

After the movie we killed some time at Kohls where I bought another dress, and headed over to the church where the kids do preschool. During the evening church service, they had all the preschool kids sing a Mother's Day song and recite a bible verse. Then we stayed for the service while the kids did Sunday school...or Saturday school?

The pastor had a really good message about Mothers, and the top 4 things you can do to make a lasting impact on your children. It was a little strange to be in a different church but I thought their pastor was really great. I'm awfully glad we don't go to a church that big though. Too big for my taste. They have jumbo-trons!

Tessa did a great job singing. She was so proud of herself for 'keeping her eyes on Miss Linda'...I guess they musta drilled that one. I told her the choir Jeremy and I sang in had the same rule. Look away from the director and you die. Something tells me the preschool teachers are more forgiving.

(This was just the Varsity and All Star classes which is why you don't see Charley. He is Junior Varsity this year...meaning not old enough to memorize a song.) 

See all my homemade loot? From preschool, church, and the preschool church (if that makes sense). Even some flowers from our produce deliverers.

This morning Jeremy sang at church while I worked the nursery, then we all came home and napped and played Rockband. Pretty soon we are going to have some steak for dinner and watch the movie with Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah.

I'm telling you...probiotics, sushi, preschool serenading, and Dolly Parton in the same weekend? Life couldn't be much better.

I sure do love these people.

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