Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Slackers are Still Here

I noticed that I haven't blogged much in the past two weeks. I still haven't posted Tessa's party pictures, even though I posted them on FB. I need to write about Mom and I doing wine and canvas, and getting rear ended by a hit and runner last night. I planted the garden and Jeremy took the kids on his first solo trip to the Children's Museum. All mostly undocumented.

And we still haven't done our annual tradition and taken Tessa's birthday picture out by the fence and flowers. Although, this one I can blame on Indiana's crazy weather. Those tulips and grape hyacinths that normally bloom near Tessa's birthday, bloomed 6 weeks early. Our natural backdrop has been compromised.

I'm not the only slacker. Jeremy still hasn't put together a slide show for Tessa's 5th birthday. We always do the slide shows for every birthday. Major slackage.

Why the slackage? I'm not sure, but mostly because we've been busy and tired. Remember those horrible allergies and my reoccurring back injury? Both of those kicked my butt this week, as well as some extended family matters that added an extra lump of stress and some lost sleep. Jeremy's got his mind on work and the possibility for changes in the future, and taking care of his tired wife.

So....we're here. We're doing great.  God is good. Just stay tuned faithful readers. It's all coming eventually.

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