Friday, April 27, 2012

From the Poop Files

There was the time that toddler Tessa ate some dog poop.

There was the time that baby Charley had a big red poop after eating beets and I thought he was hemorrhaging.

And many other undocumented poop incidents. Poop happens. Poop is life.

So, today was the day that Charley squatted like a dog and pooped on the lawn. 

I was watering my newly planted maters and came back around to the backyard to overhear Jeremy telling you can PEE in the grass but you cannot POOP in the grass!! I spied a deposit in the grass that clearly, ahem...didn't belong to the dachshunds, and of course Charley's pants around his ankles were an obvious admission of guilt.

"But I'm a doggy!"  he said, with his little lip quivering.

Oh brother.

At least the neighbors didn't see him.


Jersey Mama said...

Awesome. He is going to LOVE when you bring this up to a future girlfriend. Bahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Awww but I'm a doggie!