Friday, April 20, 2012

Family on Wheels

Tessa's birthday present from us was a new bike. Her old one had gotten too small for her and her poor knees were always whacking the handlebars. She now owns an 18 incher!

Charley got a bike for his birthday too but just recently figured out how to pedal it. He's been doing really well. He always wants a push to get started, but Mommy showing him a little 'tough love' and making him figure it out himself has paid off.

Yesterday we went round and round the cul-de-sac and he needed very little help (or maybe finally figured out he wasn't getting any).

Since they were riding so well by themselves, I got out my bike too! This old thing was dusty and flat tired in the garage for a long time, and Jeremy recently cleaned it up for me. 
Tessa desperately wants to go on a family ride but I don't think Charley is ready. We had a hard enough time getting to the stop sign and back without getting killed. Baby steps. Or pedals. Baby pedals.

Can I just tooshie is sore today.

And now for some more photography by Tessa....

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