Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Photo Ketchup

I have a confession to make. I own a smart phone now. I know...make fun of me. I said I'd never have one, plus I'm notorious for being badly irresponsible with my phone. But it happened.

I've even been trying my hand at this 'texting' thing that the young folks like so much.

But having it has made a bit of a lazy blogger. Because I can do 'mobile uploads' to Facebook any time with a little story and a tag and call it a day. After almost six years of dedicated blogging, I need to promise that I will NOT let this change in technology affecting my ability to do good hair. I mean blog.

So here's what we've been up to lately, in a nutshell..

Charley got his tap costume for the dance recital. He is Diego in a sea of tiny Doras. And don't forget that for ballet he is Flynn Ryder in a sea of tiny Rapunzels. Commence swoooning.

The kids had their Easter party at preschool. And this week they are on spring break.

We've become addicted to 'real fruit' brand popsicles. These are some friends from our small group. Two peas in two pods right here.

The allergies are determined to kill me.

Glitter glitter glitter.

This picture looks too much like a senior portrait and makes me twitchy and uncomfortable. Then I remember that earlier in the day I had to help her wipe her toosh and everything seems right again.

Last week the cousins were on spring break so we took the opportunity to visit and play at the farm.

I'm fat. This is not a new revelation. Progress on that issue is underway. Ruby slippers is my favorite hair color ever. My stylist left her salon, but has agreed to do house calls to trim us all and dye me from time to time. This must be how famous people do it.

In this picture Tessa is trying to coax David into smiling. It didn't really work.

Whenever  the kids play on the 'moon rock' at the farm, someone is definitely going to fall down and get wet. I think we adults should start a pool and make it interesting.

This guy is getting more awesome every day.

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