Friday, April 20, 2012

Tessa's 5th Birthday recap

Tessa's actual birthday was Wednesday (eventhough her party is tomorrow) and I told her that she was in charge of choosing what we do. I say she did quite well!

Her first request was to sleep in bed all night with me (Jeremy is out of town). We normally have a house rule that everyone sleeps in their own bed, but I made a birthday exception on Tuesday night. She was a better bedmate than I anticipated although she went to bed 2 hours later than normal which may have led to a little birthday crankiness.

Before we went anywhere, she needed a birthday bath with her brother.

Then we skyped Jeremy and he had left a present for her to open (The Lego Star Wars movie).

We went out to lunch. Originally she had picked McDonalds but I prompted her to pick something fancier. Mostly because I didn't want to eat McDonalds. She chose sushi at Kabuto. Much better!

I remember when I was a kid we would only ever order Pizza King pizza on my birthday. It was notoriously greasy and I think my parents hated it. But year after year that was my choice. My brother always chose chicken and dumplings.

 She had miso soup, rice, steamed dumplings and sushi. Charley mostly had rice with soy sauce. But he was happy.

And yet somehow they found room for popcorn. Tessa wanted to go to the movie theater (regardless of what we saw), and we got lucky that there is a new Three Stooges movie out. They have been watching the old black and white reruns on tv.

The movie version wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. They didn't seem to care, although Tessa later told me that she had hoped she would laugh more. Me too.

The Marsh bakery provided our piece of strawberry cake (of which Mommy consumed none!). Yes I realize that there are only three candles there. Oh well. At least we had any at all....she could have ended up with a yankee votive on there.

She asked me when she would officially be five. I told are! To which she made this face....

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