Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Making Daddy Proud

Tessa's been saving her beans for a set of girly Legos. These came out at Christmastime and are pretty cool. They're just Legos but you know, girly. She's getting close to earning a bigger set (or one just might show up in time for her birthday)...but I couldn't resist getting one of the $4.99 mini sets to try out.

She did this with very little help from me!  And honestly I'm not all that helpful when it comes to building things. Yes, even Legos.

But had Daddy been here, I'm pretty sure he would have shed a tear.

Jeremy's love of Legos reminds me of when he first moved from Purdue to CA. I was still finishing undergrad so he drove out by himself, ahead of a moving van (years later I would fly back with a dachshund, ahead of a slightly bigger moving truck headed to IN). Anyway, in his car he had what every 25 year old MBA needs....clothes, more than a dozen cases of wine (years later he would drive back across with something like 26 cases of wine in the same car, am I veering off course?) and a mega box of Legos.

Why the Legos? Well it was going to be a week or so until TV and internet were to be hooked up in our rental house. So basically he had a new job, a lot of wine and Legos to keep himself busy. When I first came to visit our house, he showed me an impressive 3 foot tall vase that he had built, which was actually surprisingly water tight.

When we moved back, I *think* we wrapped the vase up in bubble wrap and tried to transport it cross country, but it didn't make the move.

Maybe it's time to pass the love on to the next generation?  

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