Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Mamaw

Hey Folks- Tessa here. Mom is all busy reading about feeding me or not feeding me so I thought I'd write my own blog. Doesn't she know I like the breastaurant anyway?

Last night was my Mamaw's birthday. We celebrated the 25th anniversary of her 30th birthday. That's confusing. Anyway, here are pictures!

Hey, listen up suckers or I'll sock you one!

There's my Mommy, Mamaw and Great-Mamaw. I was too busy eating my hand to smile

Bob was really into something called cake, and he made a mess!

We went on a walk. There's cousin Bill and below is Aunt Becky with flowers in her hair. Bob picked them for her.

When will I get to walk around in the garden with everyone? My mommy says not yet.

Papaw kisses me alot

There's Mamaw, the birthday girl

Hey I know that lady

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Stephany said...

Oh how nice you were all able to celebrate mom's birthday together. Give her my best please!

God tessa is so cute!