Friday, August 03, 2007

think we have a teether

Regarding yesterday's post about Tessa's rough night, we did some research online yesterday to try to figure out what her problem might be. And I found something that fit all of her 'symptoms'

--- chewing her hand alot
--- drooling alot
--- disruption in sleep schedule (!!)
--- around 4 months old

She's teething!! Wow what a big step- kinda makes me sad :( This explains why she's been 'chomping' on me while she's nursing (ouch!). It also explains why her excellent sleep reputation has been compromised. Her mouth hurts.

I checked her mouth for little white tooth buds and didn't see any, so she must be in the real early stages. After some further research, Tessa got about 1 oz of (chilled!) Chamomile tea last night to help her sleep. I'm much more comfortable giving her this than baby tylenol or anything at this point, and it comes doctor recomended as a natural alternative. It's actually the #1 ingredient in some teething drops.

And boy did it work. After drinking it she knocked out right away at 9 and didn't wake up until 5. Yay!!

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