Monday, August 13, 2007

Home and Ready to Eat Produce

Hi all! We are home from our assorted vacations and busy settling back in. Tessa and I may go Canada with Jeremy in late September, but until then are back to 'normal'.

Jeremy will upload our vaca pictures when he gets a chance (he is also catching up...but on work!), and I am awaiting some copies from assorted family members as well. So stay tuned!

We had a great time in CO with Jeremy's family. The house we rented (15 of us) was beautiful and plenty big for our group. We didn't really participate in the high impact adventurous type activities like mountain biking and white water rafting, but opted instead for relaxing, shopping, board games, and a picnic.

Tessa was a very good girl all week but was pretty worn out at the end. She was super sleepy yesterday on our flight home and slept a good portion of the day. And today she of course does not want me to put her in her swing, bouncy seat or walker...because she was so content with being held 24/7! :)

Now that we're home we are starting an effort to support our local farmer by getting our produce delivered by an organic farm in Indy. We have our first produce delivery on Thursday and are looking forward to it. Jeremy was also excited about ordering some fresh mozerella and pasta from a local dairy. Mmmmmm:

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