Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sargent Family Reunion

We just returned today from our first of two consecutive vacations. Saturday we are headed to Colorado to vacation with Jeremy's family in the mountains of Breckenridge. Next week will be 15 people sharing one big cabin...this week was only 8 people sharing a much more modest cabin on Cedar Lake in northern IN. The cabin belongs to Gramaw and Grampaw Sargent, Tessa's great-grandparents! We've been going there in the summer ever since I can remember, and now the tradition continues for Tessa!

We spent most of the week being extremely lazy, staring at and sometimes swimming in the lake, eating, visiting, and celebrating Gramaw and Grampaw's 60th wedding anniversary.

We are home for just two days before heading to CO so don't expect lots of postings in the week coming up. Don't worry, we will update when we can! For now, enjoy some pics :)

Beautiful Cedar Lake and the Sargent lake cottage

Tessa met some new people- her Great Grandparents, great Aunt Amy, and cousin Joel

We had a little party for Gramaw and Grampaw's 60th anniversary, featuring some of Jeremy's famous flank steak

Tessa's big cousins are a little crazy

As expected Tessa got cuddled and kissed alot!

by Aunt Becky.....
Cousin Bob....
Great Gramaw and Great Grampaw Sargent....
Uncle Andy (she is finally big enough for him to hold!)....
And Mamaw of course....

Tessa spent alot of time sunbathing and even got in the lake

We went to Shipshewanna, a local Amish community where we went shopping and enjoyed their world famous Amish soft pretzels

And at the end of the trip we are all worn out. Only a couple of days to recoup, repack and do it all again!!

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