Thursday, August 02, 2007

Help- time to cry it out?

Well we officially had basicallly our first all nighter with Tessa. She has been such a good sleeper but has recently changed her ways, causing me to wonder...are you sick, are you teething?

She started sleeping through the night at 2 months and stopped at about 3 months. While some of the blame might be placed on recouping from vaca, she started doing this before we left.

She's not neccesarily hungry (as I know that if she's fed at 10 she can make it to 5-6), but she just wakes up and cries because she's mad to be awake. With a paci and some rocking it is solved...until she wakes up again that is. Why did she suddenly start doing this??

Sometimes in the early morning like 4-5 she will end up in our bed because I'm tired of getting up, and I realize this is a bad habit to start.

I need help from you experienced moms. Should I let her cry herself back to sleep if I know she's not hungry??

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