Tuesday, August 21, 2007

rice cereal follow up- eek!

So upon researching rice cereal after our appt today I've found that it's actually a subject up for great debate! On babycenter.com (my priceless source of info since the beginning of pregnancy) I've found many many moms who say don't do it...it's better for their tummies, allergies, etc to wait until 6 months and start with strained veggies and fruits. Some mothers feel very passionately about it.

Who knew this was a topic of great debate?!

My new book 'super baby food' seems to agree that waiting as long as possible is best, and upon further research so does the AAP! (association of pediatricians)

So basically while the doc agrees it would help her sleep through the night, I think we'll wait a little longer. I've been nursing during the night for 4 months, why stop now.

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