Wednesday, January 23, 2008

9 Month Check Up

Today Tessa and I went to the doc's for her 9 month well check. Doc says she looks perfect and is right on track developementally. Her stats were:
-- 19.9lb (60 %tile)
-- 29.5in (95% tile)
head circumference in 95 %tile as well. So once again she is tall and skinny with a giant head. No shots today, not until her 12 month checkup. And that was that!

Tessa's 9 month old life is pretty good. She enjoys:
-- scooting around on her arms and touching everything she can reach, eating carpet fuzz and 'chasing' the dogs
-- cruising the kitchen in her walker and tugging towels off the stove, playing with spatulas and measuring cups and again 'chasing' the dogs (I've tried over and over to catch this on of these days)
-- babbling to everyone and everything, mostly saying 'da da' or 'ba ba' or 'nay nay nay' when she's mad. Ocassionally I'll catch her whispering to a toy like she's telling it secrets
-- finger feeding herself little pieces of bread, cheese, soft carrots, etc. About 50% actually lands her in her mouth. She also loves getting drinks from her sippy eventhought again not much liquid actually gets swallowed.
-- going out to stores and restaurants where she can look around and meet new people, especially if they fuss over her.
-- screaming bloody murder when I put her in her carseat or even worse when I leave the room and she can't see me. She's got a scream that will make your ears bleed but oh well...hopefully it's just a phase.

I haven't yet taken her 9 month 'portrait' but here's a good pic from the OTP party the other day. Of course she had her party headband on!

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