Monday, January 07, 2008

Some CO Pictures

Hi all! Well an update on my technological difficulties is that I am now typing on a new laptop. The old one had a major meltdown and could not be restarted so there you go. We didn't really need the expense right now but I really like having a computer when Jeremy is travelling. Besides how would I keep up on my blog without it?! The especially stupid thing is that I had all of my pictures saved on the desktop of the old Jer had to buy a converter thingy to strip that info off so we don't lose them permanently. I should have known better. I bet my old IT guy Tom is shaking his head right now.

Anyway below are finally some pictures from our CO trip. Jeremy and I didn't take many in Denver so this is mostly from Jerry's collection of Boulder photos. Between him and my Mom with their super fancy cameras, this child will have some great photos from now on in. Who needs professionals?

We are finally back to normal and settled in. All the Christmas stuff got packed away into munchkinland and most of the new presents have homes. Today it's a whopping 60 degrees in IN!! Crazy! Tess and I went for an hour long walk today....outside!

Tessa wanted to show off her present from Auntie Jessica. Pretty awesome huh? He lives in the bathroom now and she rides him while I get showered and dressed (because he has a handy baby seat to keep her restrained). I called him her noble steed but she reminded me that that's Hayden's title.


Aunt Amy said...

Love the saddle shoes!!! Eva wore them until she was old enough to refuse them.

Thanks for the updates!

BrookZ said...

love the pic of you guys walking and tessa peeking over your shoulder- where did you get YOUR cute black shoes i LOVE them!!

LauraB said...

Those are my $12 shoes from Meijers...size 10 instead of 9. Now you see why I had to have them!

BrookZ said...

totally worth wearing two pairs of socks! :)

Bobbi said...

Aww... We have/had a horse too. Kenzie got it for Easter when she was 8/9 months. She fit in it for about a month and then we had to take the bar that holds them in the seat off because she got stuck :( It now sits in our garage!