Friday, January 11, 2008

A Long Couple of Days

Well Tessa and I are tired after an adventuresome couple of days. To keep this blog from rambling on I'll keep our events to a little timeline here:

--Wed morning we went to stroller aerobics and Tess had a major puke all over herself, her stroller and the community center carpet. It was pretty massive and projectile, and the nice ladies in my class helped clean her up even though I told them they didn't have to.

--I figured she had just eaten too much breakfast but she perplexed me by throwing up her lunch. She was telling me was hungry (she has perfected the pulling on my shirt technique) so I fed her again she barfed again that night. Uh oh...sick baby

--So I called the doc who said we needed pedialyte. Jeremy is out of town so we ran up to Walgreens in the rain to get some. So she drank some that night, dry heaved in the night and slept restlessly. Can I take a moment to ask- why does Pedialyte come in grape flavor if there's a good chance the kid will ralph it all over the carpet? Just curious....we chose apple.

-- Yesterday morning she seemed okay so I nursed her. Big puke. Called the doctor and they couldn't get us in so we went to Prompt Med clinic. She puked all over the clinic office. The doc there said of course she had a stomach virus, there were no drugs for it and just make sure she drinks something, that's the most important.

-- So all day yesterday I tried to get her to drink pedialyte, water, or nurse but she wasn't having any of it. For those of you who have witnessed her love affair with her sippy cup you might be surpised by her adament refusal to put it in her mouth.

--The nurse had told me if she hadn't drank any liquid by 5pm to go to the ER for an IV. 5 oclock came and not a single drink. Oh boy. I packed up snacks for me, toothbrush etc and pedialtye knowing I would be there a long time.....and boy were we!

--Our ER visit was LONG and tiresome and in the end maybe not neccesary. We waited 3.5 hrs to get back to a room, 1 more hour to see nurses, and 1 more hour to see the real doctor. In the waiting room she slept and I kept trying to get her to drink thinking maybe we could leave but she wouldn't. I just hate that impatient feeling of 'maybe they will call us next'...and it's another hour. Luckily Dad stopped by on his way home from work and hung out with us in the waiting was nice to not be alone (Jer's out of town). Thanks Dad!

-- In the hour we were waiting in a room Tessa decided she was ready to nurse and went for a full feeding, wet her diaper for the first time all afternoon and promptly started smiling and being happy. So by the time the nurse came in all was well. Of course.

--They waited a while to make sure she didn't puke up that milk and determined she wasn't dehydrated after all and we could go home. That was 5.5 hrs after we first got there. When we got home she nursed again and twice already this apparently she's over it. She's happily playing with her toys now and oblivious that anything happened.

The End :)


Terri said...

Another chapter in THE ADVENTURES OF TESS! :)

BrookZ said...

so glad she is feeling better, i bet that was scary but you seemed to handle it very well by yourself! hopefully you both catch up on well needed rest this weekend.

Grammie said...

I'm so sorry our little sweetie pie was under the weather. I can't imagine Tessa without a smile on her face and singing her "da da da" song.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am glad she is better. I went through the same thing with leia, she keep throwing up violenty all day and when we went to the hospital nothing but 10 minutes after we left and we were there for hours she started throwing up again.the thing is she wasn't eating much but i was giving her like 1/2 a cup of formula when she was hungery.I called The base nurse and she told me to give her one tabelspoon of pedialite every 10-15 minets.It was hard to thorup such a small amount. Sometimes I had to force it in her mouth but they said that was OK. It would save her from getting dehydrated.It worked. We choose apple because it looked like it wouldn't stain as bad as the grape or cherry. We save those flavers for when she had the runs. But they do make a clear version in the walmart brand. We relied on that alot too. Amanda

Aunt Amy said...

Another chapter in the book of "Parenting." EVERYBODY needs to experience the emergency room with a sick child...NOT.

So glad she's feeling better.

Also...need to hear the "Da Da" song....does anyone see a video coming????