Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Better Health All Around

Well I am happy to report that everyone in our household is very healthy for the moment, including Rosie who had her own digestive issues directly following Tessa's (Jeremy tried to play Dr. House and see a corelation but there was none).
Tessa saw the doctor on Monday morning to follow up on the fever she ran all weekend and everything was fine. She had actually gained two pounds from her puny weight at the ER so she's eating and nursing alot better and is reported to be on the mend. Whew!

I'm happy to report that Jeremy and I are feeling pretty good too, thanks to our new eating habits on the 'core' program of Weight Watchers. It really focuses on eating fruits and veg, whole grains and lean meats and I can definitely say both of us have felt the difference in energy eating those foods. I really believe that there's some truth to the idea of processed packaged foods dragging down your energy, at least in my experience.

So all is well. I realize that our posts recently have been text heavy and picture lacking so here is a pic of Tess with her favorite new Christmas plays songs and lights up!

And lastly I just have to say yay! that American Idol is back on the air. Finally something to watch and no writers to strike! :)

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