Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Finally That Ticker is Movin' Again

My weight loss ticker that is. I guess it was a little stalled during the holidays but we are back on track around here. I switched to Weight Watchers "core" program and really like it so far. Basically you don't count the calories ('points') but focus more on whole grains, veggies and low sugar lifestlye. There is so much produce in our house it's unreal. We are like a farm fresh produce stand here...but that's good. Jeremy and I both feel we have more energy already and we like cooking with fresh ingredients.

The main reason I switched programs is because my weight loss has been a little stalled as Tessa is nursing less and it's hard to figure out how to adjust the calories. My WW leader said there is no hard and fast rule on how many extra 'points' you get as they nurse less. Anyway, just seemed to complicated to figure out so no more points for now.

We've been experimenting with new recipes and have discoved some weird couscous like grains like Quinoa. It's actually really good. Jeremy made polenta pizza the other night which was also surprisingly tasty. I'm impressed.

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BrookZ said...

let me know how you like core...

can i get the polenta pizza recipe when you get time! thanks :)