Monday, January 14, 2008

Since When Do I Have a Picky Baby?

While we were travelling in December Tessa experienced alot more table food and this stomach flu has thrown off her appetite too and now I'm having a hard time getting her to eat her baby food! She's even refusing some of her favorite things like avocados and bread.

All morning I tried to get her to eat pieces of banana, applesauce or wheat bread and she refused. So I sit down with my lunch- a whole wheat pasta tossed up with mushrooms and onions- and she starts begging. She just wanted my food! So she had mushrooms and tiny pieces of pasta for lunch. It was super garlicy so I hope that doesn't bother her tum!

I think it's great she's eating table food so easily but it's hard for a couple of reasons...first off she has no teeth yet (one is on the way!) so things like meat and some veg still need to be pureed eventhough she doesn't care for pureed stuff anymore...and also we use alot of garlic and spices in our cooking that I don't think she can have yet. Hmmm

I think I need to be more creative in make her some more grownup food that's not too grownup. Any suggestions?

To follow up on my last post- Tessa is doing alot better but still on the mend. She seems to be feeling okay but has been running a temp all weekend so we are going to visit the doc in about an hour to make sure everything is okay. I'll keep you posted!

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Aunt Amy said...

There is no "textbook" baby. Perhaps feed her what she wants. I know you eat healthy most of the time so what harm is there? I KNOW she's acquiring all what's necessary: love, food, shelter, and water. It's more important that she be raised around good eating habits because she will follow what is modeled.

SOOOOO glad you're coming to Elkhart! Another adventure in Tessa's life.