Thursday, January 03, 2008

Technical Difficulties and New Happenings

Hi all- we are home from our CO trip! We had a great time visiting Jeremy's folks. Lots of fun, lots of great food and lots of grandparent baby snuggle time.

I have some photos to share but guess what happened this morning? My computer had a major meltdown and won't start up again. Apparently in computer years, a three year old laptop is ancient and it's down for the count according to Jeremy. It has had lines on the screen for a long time, perhaps the first sign of trouble.

Anyway, the IT guy (Jeremy) says it's beyond repair and is out at Best Buy right now buying a new one (I'm typing this on his work computer). If we'd have known this was going to happen perhaps we would have held out on that new fridge but oh well...hindsight I guess.

As soon as I'm up and running again I'll post pics from CO.

In the meantime I should mention big things have been happening in Tessa's life. First of all it's time to say goodbye to the pumpkin seat as she has finally moved into a big girl carseat. It's super cool because it also converts into a stroller by popping the wheels out. We road tested it on our trip and it's SO nice for travelling and the airport.

Also we have moved her crib down a level as she has figured out how to pull onto her knees in her sleep. She's been scooting around her crib for sometime now but last night she woke up and I found her on her hands and knees, eyes still closed, thumping her head up against the rails. Must have been a crawling dream!

And lastly but perhaps most notable, Tessa has finally sprung a tooth! This happened sometime on our vacation and I didn't even realized until I was feeding her some little pieces of bread and she bit my finger! (better my finger than her milk resource) For a teething baby she is surprisingly happy, so I didn't even know it was happening. It's a bottom front tooth...can you believe she's all grown up with teeth?

That's all the news from the homefront. We are busy unpacking, de-Christmasing and settling in. Ciao!

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BrookZ said...

sorry about the computer meltdown! i am glad you are back and posting, i was wondering how tessa was doing! abbey is scooting around her crib too- but on her back only! half the time i find her at the top of the crib or flipped around! hope you had a great new year's! be sure to read the latest blog about pumping!! so funny!!