Thursday, August 21, 2008

16 wk check up

All is well in Peanut-land. I had my 16 week appointment this morning. It was one of those weigh, blood pressure, pee and leave sort of appointments. I also got to hear the heartbeat again.

All is going well. My blood pressure was only 109/62 and since it was so early in the morning I asked if that meant I was technically still asleep. They have my weight gain at only 6lbs which is alot less than my home scale says, so I'm going to go with their professional opinion on that :)

I scheduled the BIG ultrasound for a month from now. Isn't it hard to believe it's that time already? It will be exciting but we are still planning to not find out the gender so not quite as pins and needles as last time.

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Mandy said...

My BP today was 96/60! If you were asleep, then I must be dead! Better to be low than high, I guess, right?