Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mamaw, Daddy and Mark

It's birthday week at our house. My mom, Jeremy and our nephew Mark all had birthdays this week.

Jeremy requested only an oatmeal cake for his birthday so that's what we had, along with dinner with Erin and Rafe on Saturday. After dinner we played about 3 hrs of Monopoly and Jeremy obliterated us...or maybe we let him win for his birthday. I've never played Monopoly the way Jeremy's family does and I gotta say it's alot more fun. They allow all kinds of shrewd deals and negotiating. I knew we were in trouble when Jeremy whipped out the calculator.
Of course the most important celebration of the week was Mark's 5th hard to believe. His party was yesterday along with David's dedication. Tessa has been sick with either a summer cold or teething related snotfest..not sure which. Because of that we decided to skip the church part and went straight to the party afterward.

She was happy for a quite a while playing in the sweltering heat in Becky's parent's barn. But once she hit the end of her rope she turned into a drama mama. I think she freaked out poor dad-to-be Brian when we sorta screamed in his face.

She's feeling alot better today. Her bottom canine teeth have cut through so I think that may be what it was.
There's lots of tractors at the Ward house, even one Tessa's size. Just look out when Bob's driving

Tessa really liked basketball. We may have to get one of these next summer
Check out Mark's John Deere cake!

The boys have a cool new fort that everyone loved playing on.

Since we are over-run with tomatoes, Jeremy has decided to make Ragu today, but the smell is absolutely killing me. It basically smells like beef stew for about 8 hrs. I haven't been able to eat very much today for fear of barfing. I'm really surprised that these smell and food aversions aren't better by now, which leads Jeremy to believe it's a boy.

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phasejumper said...

Mmmmmm...tomatoes. Do you grow your own? Your brother looks so grown up, I still remember him as that guy driving the VW bug!