Monday, August 04, 2008

Vicious Cycle

This is the vicious cycle we are in:

~ Tessa has a diaper rash so we use our remedies to get rid of it (baking soda baths, nakey time, butt paste and antifungal)
~ Diaper rash clears up and everyone is happy, yay!
~ Tessa eats fruit, any fruit, even the 'mild' fruits like pears or apples
~ Tessa has a big poopy diaper
~ The rash is immediately back as soon as she poops
~ We start over

Argh! She's such a healthy eater I hate to deter her from eating fruit all together. It seems the only safe thing in banana. Today's outbreak was brought on by blueberries. Plus she LOVES fruit and screams for it. She pretty much doesn't ever get juice nowadays, just water and whole milk.

I've switched up our diaper washing routine and I'm SURE they couldn't possibly get any cleaner. They are so clean I would eat off of one. So I know it's not the diapers and since it happens so immediately after her pooping, I'm pretty sure it's related to her diet.

Frustrating!! Help?


BrookZ said...

Hey- SO sorry to hear about the ugly rash! I know you are a big supporter of the cloth diapers but have you tried using disposable ones for a while? I don't even know if it would help but maybe they would "soak" up more of the junk in the diaper!

LauraB said...

yeah we used sposies when we were on vacation at the lake and it didn't seem to make a difference.

The cloth dipes are definitely asbsorbant, that's not the worry. I have only worried about them being clean enough...but I definitely think they are.


Stephany said...

try cooking the fruits for her, sometimes they are less harsh on your body.

So heat some strawberries with a touch of sugar and put on her pancakes, waffles, etc. same with apples.