Friday, August 29, 2008

Big Ouchies

My tooth hurts. Really hurts alot. It feels like my crown or maybe the tooth next to it, but all I know is I can't chew anything, not even soft things, on that side of my mouth. It started very suddenly too about two days ago.

My dentist is closed both today and Monday so I'm hoping I can wait until Tuesday but I know I shouldn't delay if it's an infection. Here's hoping I don't have to call the emergency number over the weekend. Last time I ignored major tooth pain I ended up in an emergency root canal.

So my question is to anyone who's had dental work while pregnant. I know I can do xrays now that I'm in the second trimester, but can they dope my up to do the dental work? I certainly hope so! I would love some good pain meds, but I don't know if I can get any at all. I may be all about natural childbirth but I am NOT all about natural dental work.

Update: I called the pager number and my dentist called in a safe antibiotic for me and said take lots of ibuprofen. Glad I least this way I'm sure to not get a tooth infection. She said I couldn't have any of their normally perscribed pain meds but ibuprofen should help.

Edited again to Add: Yes I did figure out I'm only supposed to take small amounts of ibuprofen and not 'lots' as it can cause preterm labor in high doses. Good thing I figured that out before I doped up!

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Bobbi said...

I had an infected wisdom tooth that broke when I pregnant with Kenzie - owwwww... I ended up in the ER crying and begging for something (we do not have any type of emergency dentist around here).
I ended up having to have it pulled and they gave me Tylenol 3 and Novacain. I also took Tylenol 3 after my accident when I was preggo with Bailey. Hope this helps!