Monday, August 11, 2008

Zoo Day

Last Thursday we went to the zoo with Mom, Becky and the boys. I wasn't sure what Tessa would think of the zoo this summer (last summer she was just a little peanut when we went), but she was really into it. She kept pointing at the animals and said 'doggy' alot. She really liked the monkey and the aquarium.

I think Tessa would have been happy to stay in the aquarium all day

kissing cousins at the zoo
Tessa has become a carousel riding expert this summer

We are very excited to be going to NYC this next weekend to see Tessa's Aunt Jessie. Mostly I'm just excited to travel somewhere, it's been a while. Last time Tessa flew she was only 11 months so I better be alot more prepared with toys, books and snacks to keep her still. Wish me luck as I will be flying there alone with her since Jeremy's coming from Canada. Luckily it's a short flight!

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Anonymous said...

Be sure to take something, like a sippy cup, for her to swallow. May want to put a little Benadryl in it too!