Monday, August 18, 2008

Summertime in NYC

Narrated by Tessa herself

This past weekend we went to New York City, where my Aunt Jessie lives. Daddy was there working so Mommy and I got on a plane to meet them. I was good for Mommy on the plane except when I screamed a little. She says taking her into the potty with me was the hardest part.

When we were there I got to play alot in Aunt Jessie's apartment, ride the subway and taxis, eat good food, see horsies with carriages and lots of doggies, meet some cousins, see some cool places and point at all the pigeons. It was pretty cool.

Aunt Jessie had a tubby! Once I got overexcited and fell in while Mommy was trying to potty, but I was okay. Aunt Jessie even had bubbles for me.

We were going to see this famous statue but the boats were all full. We saw it from a distance.

There were these weird birds called pigeons walking around everywhere. I saw some of them in this park and almost touched one before Mommy jerked me away.

Mommy's belly is getting fat, but you can't really see it here.

These are my cousins who came from New Jersey to see us and play in Central park. I did see them front side too. We spent all day in the park and then had pizza.

I was pretty tired, good thing Daddy was around for naptime.

Aunt Jessie and Daddy decided Mommy should try peking duck for the first time, it was my first time too! Later we had ice cream. Mommy tried to get me to eat pineapple flavor with her, but Aunt Jessie's chocolate was much yummier.

I can't wait to go back!


Stephany said...

what a fun trip you had to the NYC Miss Tessa! Miss Stephany is so proud of you and your great writing skills.

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