Friday, August 22, 2008

Starting My Own Collection

I'm kinda jealous of Tessa's awesome collection of hair accesories so have decided to start a grown up colleciton of my own. I discovered this cool website and it's a good thing I haven't found it before now...lots of handmade jewelry and accesories on the cheap.

I got a few cool bobby pins like this:
So tell Santa, that's what I'm into at the moment
In other random news Tessa slept until 8:30 this morning and only woke up because I pried her out of bed so we wouldn't be late for our walk with Traci. She's not sick, just really tired from our trip and busy week, so I'm declaring today lazy day. Here's hoping she sleeps that late tomorrow morning...that would be awesome!!


Stephany said...

Etsy is my FAVORITE!!!! It's the best place to Christmas shop ever! My friend diana has a store on there and some other girls I know too.

I just got adam a great anniversary gift on there too.

Jillian / JilliYum! said...

YAE FOR ETSY!!! So glad you checked it out! I am eagerly awaiting a personalized necklace that I ordered! It might arrive today! I love the everything is handcrafted and that I am supporting an artisan and not some conglomerate! Also, I know of your goal to shop locally and there is actually a feature where you can check out local vendors!