Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Argh..more poop frustration!

We've had some very messy and disgusting frustration around here lately. Tessa's bumgenius diapers are one size fits 5-35lbs so she's been wearing them forever. We bought them when she was about 7 months and outgrew her small fuzzibunz.

Well she's an active girl and has skinny legs (didn't get them from me) and lately has been blowing out of the legholes of dipes, like once a day. Argh!! They are all the way tightened on the legs snaps but still leave too much room.

So I have a couple of ideas.....double stuff the diapers to make them thicker (and tighter), buy vinyl covers to protect from blowouts, feed her lots of bananas and white bread so she doesn't have such loose poo, borrow some of another brand from a friend or pull out her size small fuzzibunz from the closet and see if they still fit. They actually probably do although they might be 'low rise', haha.

Or I could feed her more junk food in an effort to fatten up her legs. Hey it worked for me :)

On the topic of diapers (if you haven't left by now I commend you!) Tessa has been diaper rash free for over a month! I told Jeremy I feel like someone in AA...hi this is Tessa and she hasn't had a rash in 32 days.

I really credit cutting back her fruit intake. I think her stomach just can't handle too much acid. She pretty much only has bananas, apples and grapes. If she has something acidic it's only in very small amounts. That plus triple (instead of double) stuffing her diapers at night have really cleared things up. Her nightime dipe is seriously so thick she can't walk when she has it on. You remember the little brother in A Christmas Story?


Anonymous said...

First of all woot for being butt rash free! If it makes you feel better...Tim always had leakage issues...even with regular diapers. Be wary though...if it's not going down her leg and she's sporting low rise diapy's it could shoot up her back...This is not pleasant either :) enjoy your adventures in poo! eb

Stephany said...

Wow that was a very poop-a-rific post, Laura!

I would try the smaller diaper size since she's too thin for the bigger sizes. either that or time to start the potty training sooner.