Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dental Update

Well I went to the Endodontist today for and evaluation on what to do about my stupid tooth. He did a really good job of explaining to me what was going on (not that I could acurately re-explain it on here) but I do need to have minor dental surgery, technically called an apicoectomy. Basically they have to go into the root and bone through an incision in my gums....yuck. And I have to do it, option #2 is a tooth extraction.

Luckily they can do it using only novacaine so I can do it now while I'm pregnant, wooh! The doc wanted to get the okay from my OB to use codene based pain meds afterward. He said this will be painful so if I can't use the codene he won't do the procedure until the baby's born. I called the OB and he says yes to tylenol 3 w/codene.

So now we just have to figure out when. I need Jeremy to take a couple days off work to help me with childcare since I will be both doped up and unable lift Tessa. Doc said if I were working he would write me a note for two days off work....so I guess that still applies to this 'job'.

Once we get our ducks in a row on J's schedule I'll get 'er done. I'm happy to get it over with now rather than when I have a newborn and am nursing...I think that would be even harder to work around.

It could have been a crummy day but I had this to lift my spirits...

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