Monday, September 08, 2008

Back in Action

We were back at stroller aerobics for the first time since July this morning. Our instructor took off 6 wks to have a baby and was there with her 3 week old boy ready to go. She's super woman! It was great to be back at it, although I'm a little more restricted than before, haha! She warned me not to overheat and watch my balance. I also got to take a break while the other women did their abs.

Our other normal activities have been on summer hiatus also so I'm very happy that both library storytime and MOPS are starting again. We haven't been bored exactly, it's just nice to have somewhere cool to go several days a week instead of just wandering around.

I realize this is the darkest picture ever but I tried to capture Tessa napping with her baby who she insisted on laying with this afternoon. I was trying not to wake her with flash.

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