Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tooth Update

Well I went to the dentist this am to see what's up. The antibiotic she called in for me last week worked serious wonders on my tooth pain, which actually had me worried it was an infection.

And lo and behold it is, boo :( I have an infection in the site of my one and only root canal, under the crown, but the crown in still in tact. It's not horrible or emergent but needs to be dealt with eventually.

So I have two options and the dentist said it doesn't matter to her which I choose. I can go ahead and have a fix-it procedure on the root canal in which they would drill a hole through my crown or God forbid as she put it 'go in from the top'...either of which would require anesthesia. Option two is that I can continue to take antibiotics the rest of my pregnancy to keep the infection down and have it done after Peanut is born.

So it's anesthsia vs. antibiotics. I have an appointment with my OB in two weeks and I'm going to ask him which route he prefer I go. The dentist said she didn't have enought pregnancy expertise to advise me.

This tooth is seriously the bain of my existance. I have a crown there because about 3 years ago I had a filling in that tooth that got infected and I let it go and writhed in pain during the whole week the office was closed for Christmas. By the time they re-opened the infection was so bad I wanted to kill myself and also I lost the tooth. Now it's infected again....crap on a cracker!

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Anonymous said...

IMPLANTS!!! They are seriously the only way to go. A little more expensive at first, but you will never ever have another infected tooth. I have had mutliple root canals and crowns, I have had the root canal fail as yours has, and I will never ever do another root canal again.