Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home from Rome

21 wks pregant in front of Roman Forum

Well as I said in the previous post we're home from Rome! We had a great time. Jeremy was working but I got to steal him for two afternoons and every evening after 6:30, other than that I was mostly on my own. I thought I might go crazy with all the alone time but it was pretty restful. After the second day I figured out that lazing around the hotel until noon and going out all afternoon and evening was a good plan. So I slept in and read...I actually read a book and a 1/2!

Alot of great stuff was with in walking distance of our hotel...the colleseum and forum, trevi fount and spanish steps.. so I headed out to see all of that stuff. My feet got seriously swollen on the long plane ride there so I had to be careful to keep walking but not TOO much. I was probably the slowest fat lady waddling around the hordes of tourists, but it didn't much matter.

We ate alot of great food and luckily I only got nauseous a couple of times. Along with Barbara's help and some investigation into some very old credit card records, we found a great restaurant that we ate at when we were there 6 years ago. It was really great and off the beaten path from tourists, so we went there twice.

Overall it was a great trip...a little slower than our previous international adventures but just the right pace for me. Being without Tessa was strange at first but I got used to it, especially when I heard how much fun she was having with the Gs.

Oh and I started a new book....Twilight by Stephenie Myers. I'm just over 1/2 the way through but already give it two thumbs up!

Here's my little series of self portraits I tried to take while touring around by myself. It's really hard to get both your face and the attraction in the picture!

Roman ruins

Trevi Fountain


phasejumper said...

What an amazing trip for you and your hubby! Great pictures! (your eyes are so beautiful in the last one!) I just recently started the Twilight series too! I've read book one and two, and am waiting for book 3 (it's on reserve at the library...I'm too cheap to buy my books!) Let me know after you read the second book and we can discuss...

Jersey Mama said...

LOVE your pics! I'm so jealous that you got to go to Rome. Tessa seems to have had a great time, too. Good for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Laura you look fantastic, younger than you did the last time we were in Rome, this pregnancy is doing good things! Miss you guys, let me know what I owe for the name of the restaurant! Did you have the mixed grill?? xoxoxo AJ

Stephany said...

What a great adventure you guys - I'm so glad you went Laura what a great opportunity.

I'm glad you're home and safe! See you soon!