Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Week with the Gs

Well we did it! We actually left Tessa for a WHOLE WEEK, the first time I have ever left her overnight at all. I tagged along on a business trip with Jeremy to Rome (seperate pics to follow) and Tessa stayed here with Jeremy's Dad and Stepmom who prefer to be called 'the Gs' (Grammie and Grampie).

I was nervous, not about the excellent care Tessa would receive, but more about going nuts from missing Tessa. I'm happy to say every one had a great time, both at home and abroad. Tessa was very well behaved for the Gs and pretty much stuck to her normal routine. It was also great that we got to see her a couple times using our webcam and Skype.

The Gs left this morning and I think Tessa is looking around for them, especially their dog Annie who became her good friend. I wonder if they are having baby withdrawal too :)

Here's a few pics from their stay...

Before we left town we went out to St. Elmos to celebrate Jeremy's belated birthday. Truly one of the best restaurants in Indy, I was very pleased at how well Tessa behaved and ate. She did decide to stick her hands down into her dirty diaper but luckily that was right as we were leaving!

They had lots of fun during their stay....
....they went to Mamaw's house
....ate yogurt with peaches
.....played kitchen
.....played with the wiener dogs
....snoozed on the couch

.....went to library storytime
.....and the children's museum
....had nakey time
....and became good friends with Annie
Those Gs sure did a GREAT job!!!

It's strange being back home and settling into today. I'm still pretty jet lagged with swollen feet, but Tessa seems to not have noticed any major change in her life and is acting normal. I'm glad she's not mad at us for leaving, but how could she be....she had so much fun!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who had more fun the G's or little Tessa. I can say from experience Tessa withdrawl sure is tough! xoxoxoxo AJ