Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jeremy's New Toy

One benefit of Jeremy's travels is that he racks up both airline points and Marriott points, with which he can sometimes get free stuff. He got his playstation last year and yesterday his newest reward arrived, an HD camcorder.

When I told him the UPS man was here he practically leaped the furniture and knocked over the baby to get to his camcorder, and has been playing with it since. Here is some test footage:

Pretty cool eh? Apparently we can burn this stuff to HD dvds someday. He is only 15 night in Marriott away from a free Wii, so I've been telling him to get on the road!!

You may notice the boo boo on Tessa's face. Believe it or not that's what left of a bug bite she got on Tuesday. It was really swollen and her eye was all red but I've been giving her benadryl and it's progressively getting smaller. No idea what kinda bug, something she swatted away while were outside playing.

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Terri said...

Aunt Zella would be so pleased!