Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's A......

Just kidding! Yes we had the big ultrasound today but as promised we did NOT find out the gender. The ultrasound lady didn't even look 'down there' so she doesn't know and neither does our there's no chance of him slipping up.

Everything looked perfect and the little Peanut was bouncing around. It's heartrate was 152 which is apparently right on point.

Everything is good with me too. My bp was 120/78 and I've actually gained TEN POUNDS since last month's appt. How that happened I'm not exactly sure since I'm still nauseous alot and not eating very big portions. I'm always hungry but pretty much always queezy too so I snack alot....lots and lots of bananas and cereal bars.

So that sorta sucks but I'm calling it a baby growth spurt. I've gained 16lb total and Doc Bowers is pretty happy with that.

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Terri said...

Hi "Peanut!"

Looking good!!