Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Vacation Pictures

A big THANK YOU to my friend Amanda who informed me that I could link blogger to a Picasa album and upload a bunch of pictures at once. This one piece of information saved me hours and hours of uploading.

So without further ado...our vacation! (click to open, then click slideshow to see full captions)

Outer Banks, NC- July 2011

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phasejumper said...

So cool-I didn't know you could do that!
Muffins, LOL!
Ten crabs!! Whoa! The picture of him at the table drinking wine and eating crab all by himself made me smile.
Those horses are neat-is that where Kate and her eight kids went?
Love Tessa's sun dress!
So glad you had a good vacation! We had a long trip, too and movies saved the day!