Thursday, August 04, 2011

My Cookie Project, recipe 19- This One is for Zacky

Since we drove to the Outer Banks, and everyone else in the family flew...we got to bring home all the leftover groceries. We've been slowing chipping away at all the leftovers...brussel sprouts eaten, limes made into popsicles, s'mores shared with small group, Grammie's super special taco seasoning already utilized, and plans for crashed potatoes this weekend.

I also came home a with alot of this...

Our nephew Zack is a little obsessed with crunchy peanut butter, and there was some leftover. Since we already have our own well stocked share of peanut butter, I did what any rational person would do...made CRUNCHY peanut butter cookies!

Rachel was my helper while everyone else was too busy playing pirates, until they figured out there might be beaters and spoons to lick. Like moths to the flame.

I scooped them out portions and they rolled them into ball. Perfect kid job.

But apparently the balls need to be smaller if you want the cookies not to all grow into a giant blog. Oh well, still tasty. I actually like PB cookies better with the crunchy...who knew.

Zack, if you lived a little closer buddy, these would be yours. For now, Tessa and Charley will eat one in your honor.

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