Thursday, August 18, 2011

School Lunch, Junior Edition

It's so conveinent that at this age I can pack them identical lunches and nobody complains. Today's selection pb&j on a whole wheat bun thingy, string cheese, cup of blueberries and an applesauce squirty. Add two cute lunch boxes and 'honest kids' juice pouches. Done!

As a side note, they also both got a new pair of shoes for the fall. Even though Charley refuses to grow (he still fits best into 18 month clothes), his feet are growing as are Tessa's.
Thank you Target. Gah, we love Target. Imagining a life without Target gives me some major anxiety. These were $9.99 each. Tessa has three other pairs of shoes that fit, and Charley has just one other...and I think that's perfect. As cute as little shoes can be, I never saw the point in having a ton of them. They grow too fast!

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