Monday, August 22, 2011

Visiting the Elephants

About a month ago, the Indy zoo had a baby elephant. We had to go check her out before she got too big, so Friday the kids and I packed a lunch put on some sunscreen and headed to the zoo.

Note for the future...I totally didn't plan it this way on purpose but it was also free admission day at the state fair so the zoo was so so quiet. There was like nobody there! We'll have to do the same next year.

Wait, next year Tessa might already be in Kindergarten when that day comes, BOO HOO HOO!...Sniff...Okay moving on. Enjoy the pics!

Riding the zoo train
Yes there are bats that big. Crazy right?

PB&J time.

Of all the amazing animals at the zoo, my kids like the ducks that hanging out by the food court begging for scraps. I can see the appeal, unlike the other can reach right out and feed them goldfish if you want. I'm partial to ducks myself.

There she is, so cute! I couldn't remember her name but the internet tells me it's Kilena.

She flipped her trunk over her head and nursed.


Rhonda Smith said...

How sweet. I just love the baby elephant!

Rhonda Smith said...

I just love the baby elephant. Too cute!

erin said...

Awww! How is it that everything is cuter in baby form? I mean really! Everything!