Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Undeniable Truths

Yes I've been away more than a few days...to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Still in a post-vacation fog, and still sorting through pictures, I can at least report a couple of facts for the moment.

--I liked the beach much more than I ever imagined. I've only ever been on a warm beach (as in the beaches of Nor Cal are NOT generally warm) like 3 times in my life, and never for an extended amount of time. Day after day we swam, jumped waves, dug in the sand and collected shells...and I never got tired of it.

--When doing the before mentioned activities, I WILL get sunburnt, even when wearing 70 spf. My kids, however, will tan themselves into cute little brown butterballs.

--I've sorted through my pictures and designated 79 of them to the best. Given the fact that blogger only lets you upload 5 at a time, I should have them ready to post sometime next year. In the meantime, refer to facebook.

--When doing a 14 hour drive (not including many many stops) with a 2 and 4 year old, a portable DVD player is a must. Thanks to our friend at church who lent us hers. We'd be dead without it. Movies and snacks, and more movies and more snacks.

--My allergies haven't really been acting up at all this summer, and weren't at the beach either. One day back in the hot and dry dust bowl that is our state, and I'm a snot monster.

--It's a sad statement when the local forecaster says today's high is 95 and you say...oh that's not too bad! This applies to both NC and IN, by the way.

--Because of the heat and excessive wetness back in the early summer, our poor zucchinis got infested with a squash worm and are no longer with us. Luckily the cucumber, herbs, tomato and grapes are hanging on for dear life.

--My friend Ronda dog, garden and house sat for us last week and her kids spoiled them rotten and loved them to death. Now they sit and stare at me in disappointment. Because Rosie begged, Tessa let her sleep with her at naptime for the first time ever today...and I think everyone came out satisfied by the cuddling.

--Tessa and Charley start preschool for the fall in less than a week. Charley will be going two (four hour) days a week, and Tessa will be going three.

--Our last trip of the summer will be a short run up to the lake with Mom and Dad this weekend. Just the kids and I, while Jeremy stays behind to shoot guns and do yard work, in that order.

--Given our crazy month of July, we've been disconnected from our church and small group and really miss them. Luckily we were able to reunite last night and get updated. The next thing we will be studying is 1 Corinthians. Here's hoping I can make bible reading a part of daily life, instead of just saying that I will.

I'm sure there's more, but that's about all I got for now. Off to go blow my nose...


Amanda said...

Laura - If you have a GOOGLE account (which you should to use blogger, I think), then you can create a Picasa Album (download the program for free) and put a link to it on your blog. It will show your album cover on your blog and when your people click on it, they can do a slideshow of your pictures I did that for an album last June of pictures that Dan & Julie Rhine did for us.

erin said...

Hey friend! I've missed your blog posting. Glad you had a good vaca. Welcome to the snot club though. My allergies are kicking my butt too! So, to catch up... let's plan a wine and canvas girl night, I just accepted a job at St. Vincents so we need to celebrate! Avi is jamming to the music on your page haha... so is is safe to say you and the fam would be willing to move to a warm beach someday when our fam decides to leave Indy? We could be beach neighbors!!!
call me when you get out of your vaca fog...aunty erin :)